Black Accent Tables. Bernhardt Coffee Table

Black Accent Tables

black accent tables

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black accent tables - Southern Enterprises

Southern Enterprises OC6601 Indoor/Outdoor Round Metal Accent Table, Black

Southern Enterprises OC6601 Indoor/Outdoor Round Metal Accent Table, Black

A modern and contemporary design make this black wire accent table a fabulous decorative piece for any home. Designed with layers upon layers of wire, this table is both functional and stylish. Whether you place this accent table beside your sofa or on your patio it is sure to enhance your decor. Try creating symmetry with two tables on either side of a sofa for a look that is sure to please! Features: Constructed of solid iron wire; Black powder-coated finish; Weight capacity of 75 lbs; Slight assembly required; Dimensions 12.75W x 12.75D x 16.25H (inches).

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Christmas Braid Table Runner

Christmas Braid Table  Runner

Red plaid, black and white Moda Christmas fabric with gold metallic accents. The table runner is stipled with gold metallic thread.

Hemlock and maple and black walnut accents

Hemlock and maple and black walnut accents

I just picked up my beautiful table set Ron made for ME!!!! It is so awesome!!

black accent tables

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